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Meghan's column appeared on the Los Angeles Times op-ed page nearly every week from 2005 to 2014 and currently runs every other week. Links to all columns for the current year will be posted on this page. Select columns from previous years can be found here.


December 10, 2015 Forget "Bleeding Heart Liberals," The GOP Is Now The Party Of Feelings

November 25, 2015 Eat, Shop, Click: Another Kind of Black Friday

November 12, 2015  Protests at Mizzou and Yale Reveal More Than PC Problems

October 29, 2015 Sanders and Clinton: What's All The Shouting About? 

October 15, 2015 Right To Dry Movement Gets Its Day In The Sun

October 1, 2015 A Presidential Campaign As Reality TV

September 17, 2015 Right to Die Laws: Do We Have The Gumption To Make Such Big Life Decisions

August 26, 2015 With Flippant Adoption Comment, Jonathan Franzen Births Social Media Outrage

August 20, 205 In A Way, We All Work for Amazon Now

August 6, 2015  Does Cosmo Deserve a Plain Brown Wrapper?

July 23, 2015  Give Atticus' Parents a Break

July 9, 2015  Over The Facebook Rainbow

June 11, 2015 Will Smart Looking Glasses Do The Trick for Rick Perry?

June 1, 2015 "Jezebel Effect" Poisons Conversations on Gender and Sexual Violence

May 26, 2015 Time For Young Feminists To Look Past The Mattress and Campus Rape

May 14, 2015 The Hung Jury In The Etan Patz Case Was Right

April 29, 2015 Has Millennial Self-Esteem Become Self-Righteouness? 

April 16, 2015 Hillary Clinton's No-Knife, No-Botox Run for the White House

March 18, 2015 Hillary Clinton and Us: Portrait of an Abusive Relationship

March 4, 2015  How Grievance Culture Undercuts the Fight Against Rape Culture

February 18, 2015 The Westminster Dog Show Doesn't Deserve PETA's Bite

February 12, 2015  Fifty Shades of Grey's Allure: Sex or Money?

February 2, 2015  Political Correctness is Back in Hurricane Force

January 21, 2015 Does Mike Huckabee Want to Be President? Or Beyoncé's Bassist?

January 14, 2015  Why Blaming Leelah Alcorn's Parents Only Compounds the Bigotry

January 7, 2015 Mansplaining? Windbags Come in Both Genders

January 2, 2015  Hollywood's Idealized View of CIA Officers Is No Substitute for Reality